WELCOME to the Australasian Joint Agencies Scanning Network (AJASN) database.

The Australasian Joint Agencies Scanning Network (AJASN) is a group of representatives from government agencies and others in Australia and New Zealand that shares a horizon scanning service, including a database. The Group has been working together since 2004.

Scanning provides early warning about important changes and helps detect ‘weak signals’ that indicate policies, plans, programs and/or services might be unworkable and might need to be amended. Horizon scanning is ‘the systematic examination of potential threats, opportunities, and likely future developments which are at the margins of current thinking and planning. Horizon scanning may explore novel and unexpected issues, as well as persistent problems or trends’ (DEFRA 2002, OECD n/d).

If you are interested in joining please contact Brett Peppler ( or Kate Delaney ( for an explanation of membership benefits and costs.